11-12 maj Last mile hack

Come and hack the solutions of tomorrow

Read more about the event and sign up at our webpage www.lastmilehack.com

The Last Mile Hack is an innovative two-day conference and competition that focus on developing creative solutions to the challenges of the growth in e-commerce. During one magical weekend in May, you will have the opportunity to be part of a community of professionals with the main focus of developing the solutions of tomorrow.


E-commerce are growing intense and the world are struggling to keep up with the increased pace and how to deliver on the customers wishes.  “The Last Mile” is used as a term to describe the last stage in the e-commerce chain, from the distribution hub to the end consumer/final destination.

The transportation of goods are increasing and is estimated to grow with 70 % until 2040 compared to 2012. A strong contribution to  this is the strong growth of e-commerce that have created many new possibilities and work opportunities, with Sweden as a hub for the Nordic E-commerce. E-commerce growth is expected to double between 2015-2020, which create a series of challenges for transportation and logistics. In the cities today, system of delivery networks and gas stations have a limited capacity to handle the increased number of goods to deliver.

There is a strong development of technologies and systems that facilitates new possibilities for private and public services. Though, these are often developed from a narrow problem description and lack perspective of larger system and focus on sustainable development.

With this background, there is a need for new innovative and holistic solutions for distribution systems and services that facilitates efficient deliveries in both cities and rural areas.

Read more about the event and sign up at our webpage www.lastmilehack.com


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